Tucker, Georgia

Ministry to the Deaf

People's Baptist Church is friendly to handicapped people.  Not only is nearly our entire facility accessible, but we have programs for the deaf and other hearing impaired.

For those who are hard of hearing, we have available the Williams Personal PA system, which is a small receiver, with earphone, that picks up the signals from our sound system, and amplifies them to suit the listener.  This is not a hearing aid, but a radio receiver, receiving broadcasts from the Williams transmitter.

For those who need more than just amplification, we now present all of our Sunday morning services in American Sign Language.  Mrs. Delores Scroggs, our director of deaf ministries provides sign language interpretation for those in need.  She is also available to interpret Sunday School, and evening services, when called upon.

In addition to interpreting during services, Mrs. Scroggs has started an ASL class, teaching others in the church how to communicate with the hearing impaired.  If you are hearing impaired, we invite you to our services.  You will not feel left out, nor isolated.